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The Malo Bag 

MaWi Australia naturally insulated cooler bags.jpg

The Malo Bag is the ultimate NATURAL cooler bag


Entirely made by hand here in Burleigh (on the sunny

Gold Coast in tropical Queensland - Australia),

the Malo Bag is made with natural elements only:

Thick cotton & Australian sheep wool 


Natural sheep wool provides OPTIMAL insulation 


And not only does it keeps food & drinks at the desire temperature for long periods of time, for both cold & hot items, natural sheep wool is antibacterial


Making the Malo Bag THE BEST cooler bag for picnics on the beach, sunset drinks on the hill, roadtripping & grocery shopping for frozen food


When you acquire a Malo Bag you use it endlessly!


Because as much as being a rad 100% natural cooler bag, it makes a top everyday handbag to carry & protect from the sun & the heat, your laptop, your phone, your make-up, your perfume, your quick grocery shopping on the way back home... & your secret chocolate snack ;) 

MaWi Australia naturally insulated cooler bags.jpg

The woolly pouch, which is the inner insulated part of the Malo Bag, is fully waterproof so that any accidental spills or leaks don't penetrate and can easily be
wiped off

100% recycled Australian
sheep wool is used to design the woolly pouch, to offer you the best insulation there is

It is entirely padded all around, hand sewed and weaved, to offer maximal insulation

MaWi Australia naturally insulated cooler bags.jpg

The woolly pouch is removeable to allow you to machine wash your outer bag

The closing and opening system of the Malo Bag is made using macrame cord and wooden toggle buttons

There is NO plastic or toxic insulating material

The Malo Bag has a 16 Litres capacity

When your bag is rolled down and closed, the content is kept perfectly cold for up to 9 hours (we experience it everytime we go roadtripping)

The dimensions are 39cm high x 32cm long x 17cm wide

(As each Malo Bag is individually made by hand, dimensions can slightly vary)

There are two large shoulder straps for good comfort: 50cm long from the shoulder and a large pocket at the back of the bag for your wallet, keys, sunscreen, sunglasses, cuttlery... and so on

MaWi Australia naturally insulated cooler bags.jpg

To use the Malo Bag as a cooler bag, use it like... any cooler bag :)

Ensure you use ice packs while packing your food and drinks and always put an ice pack on the top before closing your bag.

If you're travelling and leaving your Malo Bag properly rolled down and closed, the sheep wool will maintain the cold temperature for several hours.  

Pack up your food and drinks, place an ice pack in the middle (optional) then another one on the top, tie up the inside cord then roll down and close your Malo Bag... You're ready to go!

MaWi Australia naturally insulated cooler bags_edited.jpg
MaWi Australia naturally insulated cooler bags_edited_edited.jpg
MaWi Australia naturally insulated cooler bags_edited.jpg
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