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MaWi Australia, Slow fashion, Handmade, Aboriginal fabrics, Australian owned and made, Eth

MaWi Australia Headhouse is in Burleigh on Yugambeh-Kombumerri land - Queensland - Australia


The Woolchill'd - PULI PULI - Bottle cooler

The Woolchill'd - PULI PULI - Bottle cooler


- Made entirely by hand in Burleigh (Gold Coast, Queensland - Australia) using natural ONLY materials

- Take your favourite cold drink out of the fridge and slide it into your Woolchill'd where it will remain crispy cold for hours, as well as being protected from the heat, the sun and chocs

- 100% virgin Australian sheep wool is used for the best insulation there is!

- The Woolchill'd is entirely doubled layered and insulated using wool
- Resistant thick Cotton is used as the outer and inner fabric

- The inner part of the Woolchill'd is fully waterproofed

- The Woolchill'd are very light and can be shipped worldwide
- Handprinted fabrics ethically sourced from the Indigenous community of IKUNTJI in the Northern Territory
- This fabric’s design by Keturah Zimran - Arrernte, Luritja and Pintupi artist from Haasts Bluff - depicts the PULI PULI which means the Rocks’ Story
The fabric is made of Tencel and Linen.
Coming from a lineage of established artists, Keturah began painting seriously in 2005. Developing her own distinctive and bold style, she is fast becoming renowned both nationally and internationally.Most notably, her work is now a part of the Parliament House Collection and has been a finalist in numerous art awards.

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