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MaWi Australia, Slow fashion, Handmade, Aboriginal fabrics, Australian owned and made, Eth

MaWi Australia workroom & headhouse are in Burleigh on Yugambeh-Kombumerri land - Queensland - Australia


Does sheep wool really work as an insulator?

Sheep Wool is nature's most effective insulator. The crimped nature of sheep wool means that when the wool fibres are packed and felted together, they form millions of tiny air pockets which trap air, creating a barrier between the warm air from outside and the cold air inside your cooler bag.
This also works in reverse when desired to keep hot food in your bag.
Wool is incredibly effective at absorbing moisture from the air and minimising humidity and condensation to maintain stable temperatures, which is one of the natural reasons it is one of the very best insulations there is.

How long does it stay cold?

Under our latitudes where our Summer is scortching hot, we recommend (for health and food safety reasons) the use of ice packs as you would do with any cooler bag or lunchbag.
The main difference with the Malo Bag and the Mini-Wi is on the efficiency of the insulation offered byt the sheep wool and designs or our bags, as both the Malo Bag and the Mini-Wi guarantee perfect insulation for up to 7 hours, even on a very hot day! 
The Malo Bag and the Mini-Wi are your perfect insulating bags to go and shop for frozen food for example!
As for the Woolchill'd, if you keep your desired drink bottle in the fridge before sliding it into the woolly pouch of your Woolchill'd, it will remain perfectly cold for up to 2 hours during your lunch outside in the sun, no need to run to the fridge anymore or to keep an esky under the table! And it will keep your drink bottle perfectly fresh all day if you use it indoor, like at work or during a road trip for example.

Can I wash my Malo Bag, Mini-Wi and Woolchill'd?

Yes, you can machine wash the ouside part of your Malo Bag, Mini-Wi and Woolchill'd and as they are all mainly made with Linen or Tencel, we recommend a gentle cold wash.
However as the Woolly pouch (the insulated inside part) is made with natural sheep wool, you can not put it in the washing machine nor immerse it in water, we recommend washing by hand. The inside layer of the woolly pouch being waterproof, you can easily wipe it off.

Are the bags waterproof?

Yes, the Malo Bag, the Mini-Wi and the Woolchill'd are waterproof on the inside layer; the layer in contact with the food, the food containers and drink bottles so that any food or liquid leaks can easily be wipped off.

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